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TBR policies and regulations

1. Order form

Order through the website or directly at the company:

Ho Chi Minh Branch: 51 Street 26, Binh Tri Dong B Ward, Binh Tan Dist. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Email: /

2. Regulation and form of payment

Payment of money or transfer, in accordance with the provisions of the purchase contract on the basis of tax law.

3. Goods delivery and receipt policy

- Delivery policy: Delivery to the user, through the company's delivery staff or services of the shipping company. Customers can pick up the transaction office of the company.

- Goods receipt policy

After receiving the goods, you are responsible for checking the goods

Please inform the delivery staff immediately if any damage, scratches, breaks, distortion in the process of transportation.

4. Warranty / Maintenance Policy

Warranty conditions :

+ Warranty of equipment 12 months from the date of signing the handover minutes.

Warranty includes technical problems caused machine.

The case is not covered for free

+ Not responsible for warranty damage of the machine by the user (due to poor maintenance)

+ Errors caused by improper installation, use, improper maintenance, natural disaster, loss, fire, insect bites .... caused. Do not obey the instruction manual or the warnings shown on the product.

+ Erroneous wear and tear when used or due to environmental conditions where the product does not conform to maintenance policy: After the warranty period, the customer must pay the value and replacement cost of the goods. Responsible for maintenance free of charge, equipment installation guide, test run chemicals, technology transfer training for machinery using chemicals supplied by our company.

5. Change / return policy and refund

The company withdraws and replaces the goods in the case of wrong delivery of goods not in accordance with the needs of customers or the notice of recall by the competent authority.

Returns and refunds in case of unbundled, unbundled, unbundled, and error-free goods delivered by the seller and returned within 24-48 hours upon delivery by the shipping company. Goods must be checked at the company before the receipt of the goods should not be returned.